Waes Hael! 2012

Yuletide Carols 800–2012

In December 2012, we put on two Christmas come and sing days, in medieval churches in York and Liverpool. Participants spent the day learning medieval and renaissance Christmas songs, before performing them in an intimate, historically-inspired Yuletide concert. The programme explored the development of the carol in Europe, from its origins as a folk-dance to its association with Christmas and worship; it included Stef’s newest composition ‘A Saxon Wassail’ as well as Norman drinking songs, Viking poetry, medieval carols, folk tales, a Mystery Play, German Christmas carols and traditional dancing. York guests also enjoyed a medieval “bake-off”, with free Timeline Songs tickets awarded to the maker of the best ancient bake!


Diana Davies, Harrogate: “I so enjoyed it, it was a wonderful day and a rare opportunity to work in such a beautiful setting.”

Gill Vance, York: “The arrangements for the choir were just right – interesting and challenging enough but not too hard.”

Kathryn Binns, Harrogate: “The atmosphere of that beautiful church, the company, the food, not forgetting the music and songs which were a joy to sing and listen to.”


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