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The Choir Ethos

photo 1Timeline Choir is open to all, rehearsals are energetic and fun, and you do not have to be able to read music to join – our priority is making a unique, beautiful sound and connecting deeply with the music we sing, not learning notes quickly or covering lots of repertoire. But, we are also an ambitious group who like to push ourselves to achieve high standards and learn new things. If you come along to a session, you will be taken on a wander out of your comfort zone and into the musical back-country! Sound files are provided to help members learn the music by ear and we encourage individual practice. The repertoire includes pieces in unusual historic languages, contemporary vocal works, new commissions, theatrical performances and rarely performed ancient music, as well as more traditional choral pieces and folk songs. Expect to be nurtured and challenged in equal measure…

Arrange a free introductory session:

photo-15You can come along to any Timeline Choir rehearsal to join in, or even just to listen and get to know the choir. We meet during term time (check the dates here) on Tuesday evenings in Surrey and Thursday evenings in Cambridge (find the venue addresses here).

If you would like to come along and sing with either choir, you would be most welcome! Please email Meg, Cambridge Timeline Choir Member Secretary, the date of the rehearsal you would like to attend and we will save a place for you. Your first session is completely free.

Join the choir:

If you enjoy your introductory session and decide you would like to join us, we ask for a small subscription fee, which forms an important contribution to the Timeline Songs project, including running the choir and staging concerts. The subscription includes all of the Timeline Choir rehearsals, concerts and special events as well as downloadable recordings of individual harmony parts (to help you practice), discounted private singing tuition, and, for anyone brave enough to try a solo, the opportunity to book free 20-minute one-to-one vocal coaching and sight-reading lessons with Stef. Each term comprises 10 rehearsal weeks (separated by a half term week), and an extra rehearsal (or two) on and around performance days.

Choir subscriptions can be purchased online, in the Timeline Songs Shop. If you are new to Timeline Choir, you can select a payment option from the ‘New Member Subscriptions‘, and pay for the number of weeks you will attend after your free introductory session. Existing choir members can pay using the ‘Returning Member Subscriptions‘ option. We offer special discount rates for returning members paying their subs before the 2nd rehearsal of term, and for new members who come for a free introductory session at the beginning of a term, and sign up before the second week.

To join the choir or renew your membership, choose a subscription option from the Timeline Songs Shop and complete a secure payment through the website, or bring a cheque along to a rehearsal.